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Prepare your university students for cloud computing by giving them access to the leading cloud platform. With Google Cloud Platform you have access to the same infrastructure, data analytics, and machine learning that Google uses. With free credits, faculty and students can take advantage of the many Google Cloud Platform products. They can use innovative and reliable tools like BigQuery to analyze data, TensorFlow for machine learning, Cloud Vision API for image interpretation, and App Engine to build and run applications.

Research and Infrastructure

Google Cloud Platform has tools to power university research and infrastructure. In research, Google offers best in class capabilities for Machine Learning and Big Data. For infrastructure, GCP offers solutions for storage, application hosting, networking and more.

Google is now a member of Internet2. We will gather feedback and ideas from member institutions. We hope to develop projects that address the higher education community's big data and machine learning needs with Google's Cloud Platform.

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Many courses can benefit from Google Cloud Platform

General Computer Science

Create a uniform environment accessible for all students regardless of their location or personal machines


Utilize an isolated network with all the tools you need, without removing computers from general usage

Systems Administration

Give students virtual machines so they can learn and make mistakes without the risk of disabling computers


Access multiple virtual machines without all the cost of providing physical machines for each student

Popular Tools for Higher Education

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of over forty tools that can be used with seven different programming languages. Some of the most popular tools for Higher Education are below.

App Engine

Google App Engine is a platform for building scalable web applications and mobile backends

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Cloud SQL

Store and manage data using a full-managed, relational MySQL database

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A fast, economical and fully managed data warehouse for large-scale analytics

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Translate API

Create multiligual apps and translate text into other languages programmatically

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Container Engine

Run Docker containers on Google's infrastructure, powered by Kubernetes

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Cloud Machine Learning Platform

Fast, large scale and easy to use Machine Learning services

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Why try Google Cloud Platform?

Access to innovation

Universities are about openness, and so is Google. We have a track record of open-sourcing innovation so you can take advantage of our tools without fear of being locked in. We invented tools like BigQuery, MapReduce and the containers cloud tools run on, and we continue to innovate. In 2015 we open-sourced TensorFlow, a software library that allows you to conduct machine learning using neural networks.

Better value

Universities face tight budgets. Because we only charge you for what you use and we provide unique pricing options, we're the most affordable cloud tools in the market. We know the transformative power of computer science, so we're providing Google Cloud Platform Education Grants to give your CS faculty and students free credits to run their courses.

Reliable tools you can count on

In the cloud you can do everything from perform complicated data analysis to use machine learning APIs. Google Cloud Platform is a large suite of tools that meet a variety of needs, and it's what we use at Google. We have a long track-record of investment in our cloud infrastructure and our network is the most powerful in the world.

Spotify is powered by Google Cloud Platform

"Spotify chose Google in part because its services for analyzing large amounts of data... are more advanced than data services from other cloud providers."

– Wired, February 2016

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